Alternative School Provision in the North East


Giving everyone a chance

We find employers willing to offer learners vocational workplacements.

We deliver functional skills and other qualifications to help schools support every child from Year 9.

” I have known Tracey for a number of years and worked alongside her and New Leaf for almost a decade, with three different organisations.  New Leaf provide an individualised package of accredited support and work placements for young people, preparing them for Post 16.  A key success for New Leaf has been their friendly and nurturing approach to social inclusion and the needs of the individual”
Tony Nicholson

We have some of the most vulnerable and disengaged pupils across the city. New Leaf have worked with a number of our pupils and arranged work placements for them. As well as identifying suitable placements New Leaf support the pupil through the process, providing the encouragement and logistical solutions around sustaining the placement.  Tracey is always positive and has a great relationship with the school.
Ron Cruikshanks

Strategic careers Lead , The Link School Sunderland.

Some schools we work with