Pressure on Schools has never been more intense to deliver success for all young people under their care. With league tables and government initiatives there is a constant stream of activities to deliver.

For the vast majority of young people in school it is an amazing experience, a place where they develop many of  the life skills needed for their future. For some learners however this is not that case and they become disengaged from the education system. This can be the result of a long list of situations and this can be disruptive for the whole school in achieving their goals.

We can offer schools help and support with engaging this disengaged few. We offer a vocational outplacement service that will

  • develop a plan tailored for the circumstances of each individual young person
  • support the individual in a work placement opportunity
  • monitor and report progress of the individual to the school on a regular basis
  • provide one to one support toward qualifications

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